The Importance of Home Care to Rehab Patients

Unbeknownst to most families, there are numerous options available when deciding what to do after a complete rehab for their recovering elderly loved ones. And, even after being discharged from the hospital, services such as home care in Fairfax, Virginia, contribute to maximizing the recovery of patients. From 24-hour non-medical care to personal assistance services that can either be carried out at in the comforts of your homes or an assisted living community of your choice, you and your family must learn about the available options that can help your loved ones recover as quickly and safely as possible.

With rehabilitation center programs designed to help your loved ones recover from an injury or any serious medical circumstance, to lessen and eliminate pain, and to improve function, it is important to understand that these post-rehab care services aim to continue the same progress of recovery. Thus, this makes companion care in Bethesda, Maryland, and similar services as much of a priority for families aiming to improve their loved ones’ comfort and quality of living.

These home care services supplement the rehabilitation program by continuing the monitoring of the progress on physical therapy. Monitoring the progress will make sure that there is improvement in mobility, stability, increase in strength, and managing pain is continued and monitored by well-trained home care personnel like our home health aide. Also, our caregivers can continuously monitor and maintain progress even after sessions of occupational therapy. Therefore, our companionship and personal care services are would be a perfect fit in assisting you and your loved ones with the activities of daily living and developing fine motor skills again.

Here at Mint Home Care, we believe that support and socialization can give your elderly loved ones the extra motivation they require for a fruitful recovery. Get in touch with us today for inquiries!