What You Need to Know About Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence refers to involuntary urination; that is, leakage of urine even when a person does not intend to. This is due to lost or weakened urinary sphincter or pelvic floor—a condition that happens more often to women than men. A home care in Fairfax, Virginia lists down the following things you need to know about urinary incontinence:

  • Causes
    Several factors lead to urinary incontinence, such as coughing, obesity, smoking, pregnancy during and after, or simply the age-related weakening of the bladder. Beverages such as alcohol and caffeine can increase the risk as well.
  • What to avoid
    Cut down on consuming caffeine and alcohol. Drink plenty of water instead or as recommended by your doctor. Quit smoking too as it causes coughing, which then increases your risk of leakage. Avoid lifting heavy objects as well or doing high-impact exercises that may put a strain on your pelvic floor muscles. You can also ask assistance from a home health aide to help you with lifting heavy articles or similar tasks.
  • Foods to avoid
    You will have to watch your diet carefully. Aside from caffeine or alcoholic drinks, stay away from spicy foods, chocolate, sugars and honey, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, artificial sweeteners, and carbonated drinks.
  • Do pelvic floor exercises regularly
    It might take some months before you can experience any improvements, but doing pelvic floor exercises daily has proven to be very effective; just make sure that you do them properly, again, as needed, with the help of a home care agency in Fairfax or surrounding areas.

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