Debunking Misconceptions About HIV and AIDS

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a kind of virus that attacks the immune system. It is spread through the contact of bodily fluids and sharing injection needles.

If left untreated, it can lead to AIDS, which is the last stage of HIV infection. The human body cannot get rid of HIV, so once a person has it, they have it for life. However, the advancement in healthcare has made it possible for individuals with HIV to live a longer life.

Despite the vast information there is about HIV and AIDS, there are still myths surrounding them. In this article, we debunk these common misconceptions you might have about HIV and AIDS:

  • Mosquitoes Spread HIV
    There have been several studies that show mosquitoes or other bloodsucking insects do not spread HIV. If they do bite a person with HIV, it lives only for a short amount of time inside of them.
  • Only Certain Groups of People Can Get HIV
    HIV does not discriminate between types of people. Although some people are more vulnerable to the infection if they engage in certain activities, it’s a misconception that it only affects certain groups.
  • Herbal Medicine Can Cure HIV
    Taking herbal medicine can be dangerous as it will not protect your immune system from viral infection and other diseases. Always consult a healthcare expert for medications and other treatments.

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