Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) manifests during its early stages through certain early signs. Although experts say that it can be hard to tell if an individual has Parkinson’s during the first few years of its development, studies and medical researches came up with a list of red flags that may be associated with developing the condition.

Our home care in Fairfax, Virginia would like to share some of the early signs of Parkinson’s Disease:

  • Tremors
    Shaking is normal after exercise but a tremor in your fingers, hand, thumb, or chin while at rest can be an indicator of PD.
  • Smaller Handwriting
    The change from big to smaller handwriting is called micrographia.
  • Dizziness/Fainting
    If you notice that your loved ones feel dizzy when they stand up, then this may indicate low blood pressure and can be linked to Parkinson’s. This is more likely to happen among those in their later years of adulthood.
  • Masked Face
    Facial masking is defined as having a serious, depressed, or mad look on your face, even when you are in a good mood.
  • Crouching or Hunching Over
    It can be a PD red flag when people around you notice that you or your loved one start stooping, leaning, and slouching when standing.

Once you notice these red flags, it is best to make an appointment with a physician right away so that they can evaluate your loved ones. If they do get diagnosed with Parkinson’s, then you may want to consider home care and companion care in Bethesda, Maryland to ensure they can maintain an optimal quality of life.

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