How to Prevent Fall Accidents in Seniors at Home

When fall accidents happen, they hinder the elderly to stay independent. Risk factors for falls include weakness, poor eyesight, balance impairment, and hazards in their surroundings. If we continuously ignore these risks, there will be an immense possibility for accidents to happen.

To provide effective Companion Care in Bethesda, Maryland, what measures can we do to prevent these circumstances? Here are some safety tips from us and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention you can follow:

  • Clear all clutters at home
    Remove all hazards at home that can cause slips. Boxes should be kept in storage, repair broken parts of the floor, and keep cables away from walkways. A home health aide also needs to make sure to wipe any spills of liquid on the floor.
  • Install handrails
    Put grab bars in comfort rooms and install railings at the staircases for added support for seniors.
  • Consult with a physician for an assessment
    The doctor will determine the elder’s risk for falling, advise preventive measures, and prescribe medicines and supplements that may help reduce weakness.
  • Get an eye check-up
    An eye check-up is necessary to reassess the measurement of eyesight and make sure eyeglasses are still fit for usage.
  • Do strength and balance exercises
    Exercises can help strengthen their body and bones. These will also promote the overall well-being of seniors.

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