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One of the populations that is most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis is assisted living and nursing home residents. These facilities are largely struggling with how to manage the virus and keep their residents and staff safe. Knowing that your loved one is a resident of a facility where individuals have been exposed to or tested positive for the virus is overwhelming and creates great uncertainty. However, there are a variety of ways you can Read More
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When fall accidents happen, they hinder the elderly to stay independent. Risk factors for falls include weakness, poor eyesight, balance impairment, and hazards in their surroundings. If we continuously ignore these risks, there will be an immense possibility for accidents to happen. To provide effective Companion Care in Bethesda, Maryland, what measures can we do to prevent these circumstances? Here are some safety tips from us and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Read More
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Individuals who experience frailty, old age, illness, or paralysis may be affected by bedsores. Bedsores occur when one part of the body has unrelieved pressure. They may develop after spending a long time in a single position. Any body part can be affected by bedsores; however, the bony areas surrounding the knees, ankles, heels, and elbows are more vulnerable. Bedsores, known also as pressure ulcers or pressure sores, can result in major infections, some of Read More
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