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To say that having breast cancer is tough is an understatement. From the emotional toll it takes on your loved one, the adjustments in everyone’s personal lives to be there for him/her, to the financial costs—having cancer affects everyone in the family and profoundly impacts every aspect of your life. This said, being able to support your loved one in a way that does not strain family relationships or cause you fatigue is possible with Read More
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Improving your respiratory health does not seem like an obvious thing to do, after all, our lungs are capable of taking care of themselves, right? That is not quite right; because like any part of our body, our lungs do age with time and need daily care and attention. Also, as per Jennifer M. Ryan, PT, MS, DPT, CCS, a certified specialist in cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy at Rush University Medical Center, everyday breathing Read More
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According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) manifests during its early stages through certain early signs. Although experts say that it can be hard to tell if an individual has Parkinson’s during the first few years of its development, studies and medical researches came up with a list of red flags that may be associated with developing the condition. Our home care in Fairfax, Virginia would like to share some of the early signs Read More
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